because of the first time you pressed your finger to the shutter/lifted the pen/loaded the paintbrush/learned the coding/wrote the script/glued the ‘zine/cut the fabric/played a note/learned the line/framed the shot.

because we’re young and because we lack money, sense and restraint.

because, sometimes, 250 words is enough.

because, sometimes, 160 characters is enough

because, sometimes, nothing is enough.

because words and pictures fit together beautifully.

because culture comes in digital chunks and bursts. Because we send one another text and image with the click of a button. Because we download packets of information every second. Because we buy mp3s. Because we stream videos.

but also because we also love the carbon copy and the physical artefact. Because we write letters and read books. Because we love getting post. Because we buy 7inch records. Because we go to the cinema. Because we print photos.

because of insomnia.

because it was too easy not to do it and because forgetting about it would have been second nature.

because of day-jobs and temping and work experience and researching and freelancing.

because “A-zig A-zig Ahhhh!” doesn’t speak for a whole generation

because the best advice I’ve heard was issued by a drunk man with a beard. The best advice he’d been given was from a scientist, who told him that to improve yourself and your field you have to first identify the biggest problem that it faces, then honestly ask yourself what you’re doing about it.