Pressing no. 35

Battersea, 2008
Battersea, 2008

The Model

Shapes. Lists: A scalpel
________ _ Architecture
________ _ Televised love stories
________ _ Time
_______ _ _What am I building? A model of an office block, fit for an empty wasteland. I know that a structure can only become rubble and space. I know equally that this model will fill a now half-empty bookshelf in a now half-empty bedroom.

Once ________ her dress clings only to the leg that faces the wind, while its ruffles and creases billow between her breasts and her belly. But the sun burns and glances off of the leaves and the grass and the walls of the nearby ICA, and the light penetrates the deep blue of the fabric.

I can see what I shouldn’t: the lace of her bra-strap; the outline of her ribs; the flow of her calves and inside thigh; her eyes; a smile. I fill in the gaps: the scar on her knee; the freckles on her back; her gasps in my ear.

I’d ___________ No. It’s just a passing memory.

A distraction, now: take the card, measure the card, mark the card, score the card, cut the card, glue the card, repeat. Making shapes, making models. The model has an abstract relationship to its potential. It is an idea, essentially unreal.

© Matthew Sheret, 2008


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